The Elderly Should Pay Attention To Preventing Sprain

The Elderly Should Pay Attention to Preventing Sprain


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The elderly with poor body usually do not go out too much. Because the elderly is in old age, and physical condition and other aspects are very poor, so often going out inevitably cause some accidents. In particular, there is the phenomenon of sprain. Therefore, the elderly should do the good health of preventing sprain.

In order to facilitate the elderly exercise, some gardens pave the uneven cobbled road or flagging, and some elderly are used to visiting the garden in the day, or used to walking by supporting his wife with her hand, therefore, do not easily change your habits. I have heard that some elderly do not often go out at night, but one night, he goes out to pick up his wife, as the result, his feet is hurt.


Moreover, there are some billboards at the station, and there are small steps below the billboard. I have an old friend. One time, he did not pay attention to the small steps, at last, he was tripped over a small step, and his feet ankle was hurt. In general, the bus station is crowded, especially when the bus draws up at a station. And the leg of elderly is not very convenient, when they rush to sidewalk, they will easy to sprain their feet.

Furthermore, the elderly like to buy foods from the morning market, so they often carry heavy things, walking to catch on, which is easy to overlook at the foot. If there is a pit, the elderly are easy to sprain. In addition, the sidewalk often has a gentle slope, which is easy to allow the car to drive up; however, some gentle slope are often crushed by a car, so that produce some gravel, which is also the source that make elderly people hurt. Also, some sidewalk also has loose tiles. Especially after rain or snow, it will be loose, like a seesaw; this time, if the sole of older people s shoes has not very good non-slip performance, it can easily lead to sprain.

In addition, some elderly people prefer to buy promotion items, especially cheap eggs, cooking oil, milk and other heavy things, and they are willing to join in the fun. After a long row of teams, their legs will be soft. If they carry a lot of things, it is difficult to grasp the balance. So it is easy to overlook the foot, and then they will encounter sprain.

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