Accounting Software Their Applications And Use In Small And Medium Business

Accounting Software their applications and use in small and medium business


Sanjeev Malik

Accounting Software their applications and use in small and medium business

Accounting software is a program that provides manufacturing related solutions to small and medium business enterprises. It is desirable for any business to have a separate business software that deals with the manufacturing aspect. Most computer application platform, integrate the function used for manufacturing process. Indian financial software market provides good deal of business software. Accounting software is a reliable and professional account software program which records all suppliers, customer, bank and stock related information and enables the user to access financial reports in seconds. Now a days Software accounting has become very simple and easy to learn, user may learn step by step at any Computer Training Institute. Bar code feature helps Inventory financial software to manage the inventory movement in any company. Electronic billing facility of Tally accounts software makes it perfect software for accounting. There are many business software and software payroll available in the market, however latest features in Tally Payroll feature like deduction of TDS on salary makes it ideal software for payroll for small and medium organization. Features like unlimited Stock group, units (alternate and multiple units) and category creation gives immense flexibility to maintain any type of inventory making it is as best suitable software for inventory. Business owners who are looking for business accounting software are advised to opt for tally finance software


As a business owner Whichever of these software you buy, you need to consider some very important features. highlighted below:-

1.Inventory control software should crucial inventory control management features, which involves inventory, reporting what comes in and what comes out, what is manufactured and what is lying where at different godowns and locations.

2. Material Requirement Planning . Accounting software program should have the capabilities to determine when stock is depleted and when to place fresh purchase and when to accept new sales order, defining the purchase re order level.

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