Why Sheilds Nebosh E Learning

Why Sheilds Nebosh E-Learning


garima saini As the legal requirements and the number of no win, no fee companies are pushing people to have a greater knowledge and grasp of health and safety. NEBOSH has become the most recognised qualification to have. However many companies are reluctant or cannot afford to lose their employees for a block of 10 days or even for one day a week, so eLearning is the way forward. This method of learning works around the student enabling them to structure their own studies to fit around both their home and working lives. SHEilds eLearning courses have been developed by qualified health and safety professional to enable the student to cover all the required NEBOSH key topics in a user friendly manner. So even if you can only manage 10-15 minutes a day, every little helps. The NEBOSH courses can be studied anywhere in the world as long as you have an internet connection and the course materials can be accessed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The NEBOSH qualifications can be studied in any order the student wants so this allow the student to start off with familiar topics, getting into study mode whilst becoming accustomed with the eLearning platform. SHEilds currently offer a wide range of NEBOSH courses to all students from across the world with the International General Certificate and NEBOSH International Diploma for our internationally based students and for those wishing to specialise in a particular field we have the NEBOSH Fire safety and Risk Management, Construction Certificate and the Environmental Diploma courses to ensure that no matter the industry or requirements, SHEilds can help you achieve your health and safety goals. E learning is one of the most comfortable and popular way to get this certification, if one cannot afford full time courses because of certain constratints. Now there are many way to complete their health and safety training that may glow on anyone safety career, it allows agencies to ensure an applicant gets good level of guidance. Best part of e learning to make you better prepared for your NEBOSH studies! Safety becomes crucial where working with heavy machinery, hazardous chemicals, and repetitive activities for instance; here the training plays an important role. Sheilds is a big name in the field of safety training.

SHEilds is the best and great institute to join if you want to make your career in


health and safety training

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to provide Nebosh Courses. To know more about SHEilds visit here – http://www.sheilds.org/

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