When To Call A Fireplaces Repair Company


While having a fireplace can be great, as it helps warm up the home and is a nice focal point for a room, it isn’t a totally worry-free addition to a home. From time to time, the fireplace may need repair, and it definitely needs regular maintenance. There are a few signs that it’s time to call a Fireplaces Repair Company.

Failure to Function

Of course, the most obvious sign that a fireplace needs to be repaired, and it’s time to call a Fireplaces Repair Company is if the fireplace is somehow no longer functioning or smoke is coming into the room in large amounts.

Damage to the Fireplace

Should you see that the mortar of the fireplace is crumbling, tiles are falling from the chimney or brick is starting to flake, these are all signs there’s something wrong with the fireplace that needs to be addressed by a trained professional, such as those at. Mortar is what holds the fireplace together, so if it’s failing, it could turn into a serious problem if not properly fixed.

Rust in the Firebox or White Stains on Bricks

Both of these are signs that there is moisture somewhere in the fireplace where it shouldn’t be. This moisture can damage the integrity of the fireplace and make it unsafe. The white is salt being drawn out of the brick due to moisture trapped inside somewhere, and the rust is from water, perhaps a leak, hitting the metal of the firebox.

Damage to the Chimney

Should damage be visible to the top of the chimney from outside the house, there’s a good chance that the whole chimney is weaker, and there is more damage that isn’t readily visible. It’s important to have someone come and inspect and repair the chimney before it becomes dangerous.

Stains on the Walls or Ceiling

If the walls and ceiling near the chimney are stained, this is another sign that the chimney is somehow being exposed to excessive moisture. This moisture could damage the home’s walls, floors, and ceiling as well as the chimney itself, so this is a serious issue that shouldn’t be left unattended for long.

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