Sports Cabriolet

Sports Cabriolet


Audi South AfricaThe sports cabriolet represents the evolution of freedom, taking the quintessential joy of cruising with the top down to the next level. Dynamic, masterful and picture-perfect, these soft-top sport cars combine excellent comfort and practical versatility with a refined sporty personality and explosive power.

The most innovative luxury convertibles have evolved into soft-top sports cars, able to deliver an all-round driving thrill and the open-top motoring only dreamed of by sports convertible enthusiasts. Refined to be elegant yet playful, it equally conveys the idea that serious fun does not exclude serious performance.

Unrestrained power

Fuel-injected turbo-charged engines provide a powerful drive that can be felt as soon as the vehicle accelerates. Power is delivered evenly and smoothly, with no loss of exhilarating acceleration, proving a luxury convertible can deliver both style and substance.

The combination of petrol direct injection with turbo charging provides more pulling power from less fuel. This impressive traction and reserve power coupled with refined running and efficiency make it a far more economical drive while still delivering high torque, swift acceleration and explosive power.


Sports innovation

An overall superior driving experience is what to expect from a sports convertible. Incorporating a range of innovative driving technologies which bring an increase in power and handling, the luxury convertible provides a sharper drive and the all-round performance of a custom tuned sports car.

The innovative gearbox design provides faster gear shifts and sportier driving by combining the sporty characteristics of a manual gearbox with the advantages of an automatic. Gear-changes are performed easily with no delay and, depending on the driver\’s preference, the dual clutch gearbox may shift gears to fully automatic or manual mode using the gearshift paddles on the steering wheel.

For absolute mastery of driving dynamics, sports cabriolets have an innovative driving dynamics system which allows drivers to adjust the characteristics of their luxury convertible which determine the quality of the driving experience. The engine, transmission, steering, shock absorbers and the sport differential can be adjusted to individual vehicle configuration preferences at any time. The result is a custom tuned vehicle which ranges from outstandingly comfortable to intensely sporty at the push of a button.

Elegantly efficient

Fuel consumption and CO2 emissions are reduced via a start-stop system which switches off the engine when the car is stationary and starting it again when the accelerator is pressed.

A driver information system brings together a wide range of individual displays with an integrated efficiency program which can provide an overview of consumption data and provide fuel-saving suggestions for ultra-economical driving.

Further fuel is saved with the energy recovery system which can convert kinetic energy into electrical energy while the car is coasting or being braked.

Engineering progress and automotive innovation have created a convertible sports car which delivers the sharp handling and impressive power of high-performance hard tops, while maintaining a unique sense of luxurious style. The result is a vehicle that is the envy of all previous generations and a true evolution of open top motoring freedom.

Audi South Africa

continues their tradition of automotive innovation in the luxury convertible arena.

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Sports Cabriolet


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