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Project management is one of the most widely discussed skills now days. To keep track of changing demands of various industries and employer requirements a candidate needs to continually try to gain knowledge through relevant certifications related to the field. Certifications help the individuals to improve their credibility and distinguish them from their peers. In order to gain competitive advantage over others in the field employers also encourage their employees to attain certain certifications to continue their professional development. PRINCE 2 (Projects IN Controlled Environment) is very well recognized in UK and internationally as an effective project management method. PRINCE2 certification will provide successful project management skills to the individuals to distinguish them from others in the workforce. The two certifications offered for project management include PRINCE2 Foundation and PRINCE2 Practitioner.

Course Details:

The foundation course will help in developing the basics of project management and introduces candidates with the terms and principles used in project management. Although it is advisable that the candidates opting for this certification should have some prior project management experience but there is no formal prerequisite related to it. PRINCE2 Foundation exam is also a requirement for PRINCE2 Practitioner exam. The aim of the course is to develop such skills which prove to be helpful in becoming an informed member of project management team. By end of the course the candidates will be able to explain the seven processes, themes, roles and along with their motive. PRINCE2 Foundation course will also aid the candidates to demonstrate the major contents of management products and their inputs and outputs related to the seven processes.


Exam Format & Preparation:

PRINCE2 Foundation exam is composed of multiple choice questions. 75 exam questions are asked in totality including 5 trial questions which are not considered in the final score card. The passing percentage for the exam is 35 (i.e. 50%). It is a closed book exam having duration of an hour (60 minutes). For exam preparation study material and guides can be downloaded from trusted sources. ILX also offers training kits, sample question & answers and practice tests related to the exam which can be accessible from the website. By registering with ILX candidates can gain 1 year access of all the training data and multimedia including foundation mock exam revision tool, PRINCE2 Foundation process map and revision tool. To maximize the chances of clearing the exam a candidate must develop through concepts by practicing from the training kits which contain previous exam question and answers. After passing the exam the certification is being awarded which remains valid for a period of 3-5 years and after that the members can apply for re registration.


No matter how small or big is the size of the project principles learnt from PRINCE2 Foundation can be applied to the project irrespective of its size and nature be it engineering, IT, business, construction or financial. Project managers are highly paid and recognized individuals in almost all the industries. After gaining this certification the certificate holder would be in a better position to negotiate with current and potential employers regarding their growth in the organization.

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