New Natural Treatment For Hives

By Dan Agoms

Millions of people worldwide suffer from hives and related illnesses. Chronic Idiopathic Urticaria and Angioedema are the medical terms for chronic hives and similar sores under the skin.

If you or someone you love suffers with hives, you know the extreme discomfort it brings. Hives can break out at a moment’s notice and do so again and again for years.

You itch, hurt, can’t sleep, feel tired, and can’t concentrate. If hives breakouts go on long enough, you can become depressed and begin thinking there is no hope for you to ever feel normal again.

What’s worse, none of the standard medical treatments for hives work for a great many sufferers. You can spend years going to doctors, taking drugs, paying for expensive treatments, and STILL not get any relief from hives.

Usually we think of hives patients as having allergic reactions. Virtually all the treatments used are designed to fight allergies. Common treatments include antihistamines, cortisone injections, and courses of steroids.


Dr. Gary M. Levin was treating hives patients in his clinic when he realized none of the usual treatments were working. He began to feel the root cause of hives might lie elsewhere. Dr. Levin wondered if hives might be improved through better nutrition.

There is a lot of misinformation available online and elsewhere. So Dr. Levin insisted his new hives treatment be thoroughly tested again and again with all the scientific rigor the medical community is accustomed to.

Extensive clinical tests proved Dr. Levin’s hunch correct. When patients’ highly individual nutrition needs were met, their chronic hives receded or disappeared completely.

I’ve seen numerous video interviews with patients and all are astounded at how well Dr. Levin’s treatment works. Many, who had suffered from chronic Idiopathic Urticaria and Angioedema for years saw their hives improve or disappear completely.

It’s pretty amazing when a simple adjustment in your nutrition can solve a medical problem that years of expensive conventional treatments failed to cure. Patients are often elated to find relief, especially from an all-natural treatment.

In some cases, finding your personal nutrition balance can be quite complicated. We all eat different foods, prepared in different ways, have different bodies, different needs, and so on. You can’t just eat lots of lettuce and berries and expect to be cured.

Dr. Levin created a system for finding anyone’s exact nutritional needs, then meeting those needs with the right foods and nutrients. Each nutritional recipe is as individual and different as the person it is designed for.

But not everything is complicated. Dr. Levin also found one simple drink, available in stores everywhere, that reduces hives in a great percentage of sufferers.

Dr. Gary M. Levin’s experience goes one step further in showing just how powerful nature’s own treatments and cures can be. By returning to the nutrition humans were designed to consume, a growing number of ailments and diseases can be reduced or cured.

Keep an open mind when confronting your hives or that of a loved one. Discuss both standard medical treatments and natural treatments with your doctor. Feel confident that both realms are being taken very seriously by highly trained physicians and scientific researchers.

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