Is He Cheating? Symbols To Read And Understand}

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Is he cheating? This is a very crucial question that you need to address before it is too late for you to do something. There are several signs and symbols that you need to study properly and find out what your partner or husband is up to. The sooner you find it out, the better it is. Let us look into the possible symbols so that you can take appropriate steps and workout a path to a better relationship.

Self absorbed: Is you man getting absorbed in himself? Is he losing interest in you and not showing any emotional attachment with both you and your family? Has he become indifferent to the needs of the family? Has is behavior towards the neighbors and relatives changed as well? If all these has happened or happening, be cautious because these are the signs that you husband or partner has developed an emotional attachment with some other woman and that he is looking for a way to break free through the boundaries of the current relationship with you.

Work: Has your husband or partner started working more than before? Is he stuck with meetings after work hours frequently? Is he going out of town more often for official purpose? You must again understand that all these questions point towards the question, is he cheating? There are high possibilities and you need to find out the reality and take appropriate steps before it is too late.


Cruelty: If you husband or partner is showing a dramatic change in behavior, there is always a reason to worry about. You may have noticed that you husband is picking up fights on small issues which hardly matters in real life. May be your husband or partner has started showing indecent behavior and is hardly paying attention to your emotions. He might have started getting impatient or started abusing you verbally. If all these conditions persists, you need to seriously think of infidelity on your husbands or partners part.

Long phone calls and late night computing: Is your partner or husband engaged in making or receiving long phone calls to unknown number or does he keeps working on computer till late night lately? If so, there is always are reason to think that your partner is getting unfaithful.

Personal care: Is your husband taking extra care of himself lately? Is he going to gym for losing some extra pounds? Has his attitude towards life changed and is he taking interest in things which he never cared about before? Has he started eating food which he once hated? Is he buying new clothes recently and spending long hours in front of the mirror to look perfect? If answer to all these questions is yes then, there are chances that you man is stepping outside the boundaries of your relationship.

So, every time you ask yourself the question, is he cheating?, you need to look for any or all of these signs and symbols, which indicate that your partner or husband is having external affair.

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Is He Cheating

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