Insurance On Identity Theft

Insurance on Identity Theft


Elene Hanzen

There are different types of stealing and identity theft is considered as one in which your private information is being possessed by someone including your address, social security number, driver s license, name, credit card and other personal data. This kind of offense is being committed purposefully in order for the perpetrators to take advantage of your belongings and identity unlawfully.

Identity theft can be categorized in different forms and they are commonly committed as compared to others. Using your private information in acquiring services, products, or loans without settling the bill would fall under credit identity theft. Medical identity theft may occur when an unauthorized person uses someone\’s medical insurance policy in acquiring prescribed drugs or health care. Criminal identity theft happens in the event that a culprit uses personal data of someone else backed-up by legal identification cards such as driver\’s license, and others. Personal information of the victim will be used by the criminals in committing offenses for them to have no record of criminal accountabilities; their victims would seem to be the perpetrators instead. With Social Security identity theft, they use your name and identity as their own. The company that is employing the thief will be reporting earnings, the victim then will have no option but to pay income taxes.


These days, identity theft is becoming common worldwide and it is rapidly increasing. Victims of this criminal act are spending hours and large amounts of dollars in order for them to recapture their identity especially in the financial aspect. Credit card holders, banks and other financial organizations will be reimbursing the amount that you used in settling any accountabilities that resulted from identity theft.

If you wish to have something that you can turn to for your protection against unforeseen costs, identity theft insurance is recommended. An insurance for any identity fraud related incidents will repay the victim for those expenditures incurred in repairing credit standing which are not shouldered by the companies that hold the accounts. As an example, you can claim any salary that you have not received due to your absence from work while fixing your credit status. Other expenditures that you incurred can also be recovered including those that you spent in mailing legitimate documents, phone charges due to long distance calls related to the offense, payment for notarial and services of a lawyer.

Prevention is So Essential

Keep an eye on the reports that are related to your credit standing. This will alert you when there is a problem. And make sure you don\’t give out personal information over the phone, on the internet, or through the mail unless you first initiated the contact or are sure you know who you\’re dealing with. This is a bit old fashioned to some, but make sure that every single piece of mail with any kind of personal information, even if it\’s just your name on it, is shredded before you throw it away. Finally, if it is your habit to bring all essential documents and ID\’s with you everytime you leave the house, it\’s high time to refrain from doing it unless you are required to do so.

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