Get Ideal Fitness Training With Climbing Holidays In The Dolomites

Get Ideal Fitness Training with Climbing Holidays in the Dolomites


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Popularly known as the climber’s paradise, the Italian Dolomites make for the most outstanding platform for mountain climbing. Featuring some of the most spectacular and photogenic magnificent cliffs and tall sharp peaks, climbing in the jagged summits of the Dolomites is the most glorious adventure one can think of. The mountain pathways are connected in such a manner that during your mountain climbing in the Dolomites you can witness the most breathtaking sceneries. Climbing in the Dolomites offers much more than simply trailing. You can experience both fun and fitness together and work accordingly in order to balance your own acts of strength and capabilities.

Climbing has always been a truly special fascination of people. No wonder climbing holidays has gained so much fame all over the world. Apart from offering incredible heights mountain climbing holidays allow you to set new measures. It gives you a chance to go ahead of your limits. After you have scaled the towering heights, crossed the challenging summits and ridges and reached the top, some of the most amazing views await you. When you see those gorgeous views you definitely feel that all your hard work had been worth. The Dolomites are going to give you ‘the top of the world’ feeling.


There are numerous reasons for climbers to make the Dolomites their most favorite destination for adventure activity holidays.

Mountain Climbing Holidays

in the Dolomites have their own specialties. First of all climbing in the Italian Dolomites is a unique yet accessible adventure. In spite of the hilly terrains and rugged mountains the transport system is very well maintained. The next good thing about the Dolomites is that mountain climbing in the Dolomites does not need experience. Covering more than 90.000 acres of mountainous terrain, the Dolomites offer an infinite variety of climbing opportunities for persons of all ages and various fitness levels.

Furthermore while climbing on the Dolomites one can experience some of the most unique phenomenon of the area. ‘Enrosadira’ – which means ‘to become pink’ – is specific to the snow covered mountains of the Dolomites. Chiefly due to its mineralogical composition the rocky cliffs of the Dolomites have pinkish glow during the sunset. The final rays of the evening sun create a harmony of color which result in the rosy ‘alpenglow’ – peculiar of the Dolomites sunset. Also you will experience a blend of culture which is again typical of the Dolomites. Last but not the least the mountain climbing holidays in the Dolomites are sure to give you an ideal fitness training.

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