Get Fit With One Of The Best Fitness Programs

By Gary Holdon

One of the most difficult things to do when you want to get fit is to choose among all the fitness programs out there. So, what are the criteria for choosing one of these fitness programs? It depends on your initial level of fitness. You see, some fitness programs are aimed at different levels of fitness. Therefore it is smart to record your own fitness level by measuring for example your pulse rate after exercise as well as how many repetitions of a move you find possible. By doing this you will be able to measure the progress you make along with the fitness program you choose from the many programs available. Also expect to use a part of your leisure time for workout activities; you have to invest a certain amount of time to get fit.

There is seriously no point beginning a fitness program that requires daily workouts if you do not have enough free time every day. It is also a grand waste of time if the fitness program consists of exercises that you abhor and will regularly avoid. It’s momentous to be logical and choose a realistic plan that it will be easy to stick to.


Variations, a slow progression and assigning rest days are also important to a workout routine. Ensuring that you have all the tools needed at hand including water to hydrate the body will enable a workout to continue uninterrupted. Do not select a program that will overwhelm you and remember to leave time aside for a warm up to stretch the joints before and after the exercise. Keeping a record of progress and maintaining enough flexibility to add new or different features to the routine can help keep you motivated.

How Do You Stay Motivated With Fitness Programs?

The problem that most of us have with fitness programs is the struggle to stay motivated. This happens if our workout routine becomes boring, takes too much time or if we do not see some results fast enough. Setting goals and achievement points can be a great way to stay motivated. Work to complete short term goals and at the same time striving to achieve a long term achievement. If the goals are structured as small steps and realistic, there is less chance of getting frustrated or disheartened and quit completely. Building up at a natural pace can give your body the capability to succeed and accomplishing something for the first time can be a great motivator.

Sticking to fitness programs can also depend on your personality. If you hate to be alone and as a social person, you may find jogging alone every morning a chore so a team sport or a class could be a better usage of your time. Likewise, if you feel that you need time alone to concentrate or focus on your fitness program, joining an aerobics class may not be the best choice for you. It is important to look forward to the workout you choose to perform because if it is drudgery it will become something you learn to dread and avoid.

People who have trained much knows that using a regular workout routine day in and day out can be boring. One very effective way of handling this is trying to fit part of your fitness workout program into your daily activities. Examples of this might be using stairs instead of elevators, don’t drive but walk to your work etc. Fitness programs do not have to be boring, so make it flexible, easy to change and fun; this is the best way to stay motivated to keep on working out.

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