Ask The Warrior Dentist: A More Attractive Smile Through Cosmetic Dentistry

Submitted by: Dr. Susan Wells

Cosmetic dentistry is dedicated to the art and craft of helping people enjoy the pleasure and confidence that comes from having a healthy and attractive looking smile. While dentistry is a healthcare profession, some dentists with specialized experience also offer unique and innovative cosmetic procedures. With various kinds of aesthetically focused dental techniques and skills, a qualified dentist can help to restore a smile after teeth are injured in an accident, to replace missing teeth, or to whiten and straighten teeth that may be stained, misshapen, or crooked.

Not too long ago, back in the days before sophisticated high-tech procedures became affordable, people with bad teeth had few options or alternatives at their disposal. Even those who could afford the best dental care were still often at a loss regarding what to do to gain a beautiful smile, because the medical field was not as advanced as it is today in terms of successful solutions. But these days, many dentists can tackle almost any problem and get outstanding results in record time, and they can do highly specialized and complicated procedures at price points that are entirely affordable for almost every patient.


Some patients are ideal candidates for braces, others need crowns, and still others may only need some gentle sculpting or reshaping of the teeth. When a tooth gets chips, for instance, a talented cosmetic dentist can usually remedy the situation by simply doing some grinding and polishing during one office visit. For those with missing teeth that may require a full replacement, some dentists now have in-house equipment to make molds and create the synthetic teeth. Others can send them to a local lab where modern cosmetic dental equipment uses computerized measuring systems to ensure a perfect fit and a totally natural looking smile. No longer do patients have to wait forever to get results, and the newer products used to fill gaps, repair teeth, or create completely new sets of teeth are much more durable and realistic looking. They require less maintenance, are less prone to staining or loss of structural integrity, and can be custom made and then put into the patient s mouth without unnecessary discomfort, expense, or delay.

That means that anyone who wants a brighter and more appealing smile can take advantage of an expert cosmetic dentist to get that new look right away. Studies show that people who are more confident about their looks are often more successful in both their professional and personal lives, so taking the effort to work with a cosmetic dentist can pay off over time in ways that are absolutely priceless. To learn more about your options and how cosmetic dentistry can help you to reach your own goal of having a contagiously attractive and magnetic smile, just call or visit your local dentist.

Or browse from the comfort of home any time of day or night by visiting the Internet sites of cosmetic dentists. You can read about specific procedures, see educational video clips, research any cosmetic dentistry topics that interest you, and even ask questions and get free answers from the pros. Never before has it been so easy to avail yourself of cosmetic dentistry, and that gives you one more reason to smile.

About the Author: Dr. Susan Wells DMD has been a

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